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There can be power in forgetting.

A woman finds herself stuck in a terrifying loop. Each day, she wakes up in an unfamiliar place. And in an unfamiliar body. 

 With her memory wiped, she is left with nothing but questions—and the determination to keep her shit together long enough to answer them. 

Does she have a body of her own? If she does, then where is it? How did she lose it?


 And her biggest question: Who is she?

 Being thrust into the life of someone else each day brings obstacles. And she has no leads. But just when her hope is running thin, a man shows up at her door—a man with answers.

 It turns out she isn’t the only one with the power to do the impossible. And dangerous people are hunting them all. Having to rely on others for safety goes against all of her instincts. But if she wants to get her body back, remember who she is, and regain control of her life, then she has no choice.

 She’s got a fight ahead of her. One that she can’t hope to win alone.​​

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Does it matter who you used to be if you know who you are now?


Every day she wakes up in a new body, in a new life, with no memory of who she is. 


Just as she begins to believe she might be in hell, a charming stranger with autumn-colored eyes assures her the truth is even weirder.


There are others like her who can do the impossible, and a dangerous organization is hunting them all.


Relying on people for safety goes against her instincts, but if she wants to regain control of her life—or at least wake up in the same body she went to sleep in—she has no choice.

This action-packed start to the Identity Saga is what you'd get if The Umbrella Academy recruited Crescent City's Bryce Quinlan. Or if the Reckoners in Steelheart were equipped with superpowers.


"With great power,
comes a greater pain in the ass."


Nova chose Cayde and left her past behind her. But in order to have the future she wants, David Crowley has to die.     


When the power-seeking elitist’s plan to purge humanity puts her new family and an entire city on the line, she promises to stop him. 


She just has to survive his lethal technology first. 


Fans of action, reluctant heroes, found family, and sweet romance will enjoy this second installment in the Identity Saga. 

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